Become a Member

Local 5 would like every experienced, hard-working Iron Worker in the Mid-Atlantic Region to join us, so they can represent us with their quality of work, and in return receive the benefits they deserve: A good wage, safe working conditions, health coverage, and a pension fund. That’s what our Union represents!

If you’re an experienced Iron Worker interested in joining us, gather your work history, paystubs, W-2 forms, letters from employers, certifications – anything that verifies your experience. Once this is compiled, contact Local 5 for an interview. This will be an opportunity for you to highlight your skills, so come prepared. You will then be rated as either a Journeymen or a Rated Apprentice.

At that time, you will be placed on our rolls for work. We have placed hundreds of organized Iron Workers into jobs, but bear in mind it’s sometimes not possible to find jobs for everyone who has applied. We keep every application on file, and contact you as soon as work is available.